To the music and mystery of the great Robert Johnson.

Steady Rollin’

Black suit.
Mississippi string tie.
Guitar case.
Patent leather shoes over red socks.

But the place he was walking into wasn’t nearly as sharp. It looked like it hadn’t changed since it was thrown together, probably sometime…

And the people working so hard to remove them are also affected by COVID-19.

There is a man named Aki Ra. When the Khmer Rouge ran things in Cambodia Aki Ra was one of them. It was a communist situation at its worst! People were abducted, imprisoned and killed just…

Actually, how about you let me donate it to charity? Feature request.

I’m having a bad day after this Medium UI re-arrangement.

Medium is another symbol of how messed up this world is. To quote someone else:

To those that have much, more will be given. And to those who…

And not a thing about it on Medium. Shameful.

I even did a search on Medium and nothing came up for 2020.

I married a south Indian woman and this completely changed my perspective of the world. And although I was aware that the west had colonized the world I…

From Town Bother To The Mughal’s Apprentice

Image by <a href=”;utm_medium=referral&amp;utm_campai


Confidence T. Brown lived in Reno Nevada. His father was the Mayor and their family had a lot of money, made from land sold for silver mining. Confidence’s mother had died giving birth to him. He had a much older sister who…

With all your content downloaded before you delete it or close your account.

Haven’t gotten paid anything in a few months with the Medium Partner Program? Believe your stuff is good and at least deserves a few cents when people clap? Or maybe you just don’t like Medium anymore.

Me to.

We put a lot of work into words, even short little 2…

Jeff Mitchell

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